HI38014 CTK Alkalinity Total
HI38014 CTK Alkalinity Total
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This parameter is important in determining the corrosive properties of minerals found in water, such as, silicates, carbonates, bicarbonates, and dissolved salts of phosphates and some organic acids. Testing alkalinity is important in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater, pools, heating and cooling, food and beverage cleaning systems, soil and environmental testing, as well as in agriculture, and aquaculture applications.

Total alkalinity is determined by neutralizing the sample to a pH of 4.5 using a dilute sulfuric acid solution and a bromophenol blue indicator.


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HI 38014 test kit comes with 10 mL bromophenol blue indicator, 110 mL total alkalinity reagent, 20 mL calibrated vessel with cap and 1 mL syringe with cap.

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Method   Titration
Range   0-500 gpg
Smallest Increment   5 gpg
Chemical Method   Bromphenol blue
Number of Tests   100
Weight   363 g



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