HI3857 CTK Detergents
HI3857 CTK Detergents
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Detergents can enter water and wastewater by discharge of domestic and industrial cleansing waters. The most widely used detergents are linear alkyl sulfonates (LAS) and alkyl benzene sulfonates (ABS): LAS are preferable to ABS because they are biodegradable, thus readily decomposed by microorganisms. The presence of anionic LAS/ABS detergents in natural waters should be below 0.1 mg/L and in raw domestic wastewater in the range from 1 to 20 mg/L.

The aqueous solution containing the detergents is treated with the colored indicator. The reaction product can be extracted in the chloroform layer, while the original dyestuff is insoluble in the organic medium. The intensity of the color developed is proportional to the concentration of the detergents present.


Order Information:
HI 3857 test kit comes with 15 mL detergents reagent A, 15 mL detergent reagent B, 180 mL chloroform, demineralizer bottle with filter cap for 12 L, checker disc, 30 mL long glass vials with caps (2), long plastic pipette, 3 mL plastic pipette and 1 mL plastic pipette.

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Specification :

Method   Checker Disc
Range   0.00-1.30 mg/L
Smallest Increment   0.02 mg/L
Chemical Method   Methylene blue
Number of Tests   35
Weight   1245 g



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