HI38001 CTK Sulfate Low and High Range
HI38001 CTK Sulfate Low and High Range
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The procedure for determining sulfate is a modification of the Determination of Sulfate by Sulfonazo III.  Sulfate is determined via a titrimetric method. The reaction end point is indicated by the change in color of the solution from violet to blue.


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HI 38001 test kit comes with 100 packets sulfate reagent A (2 sets), 100 mL LR sulfate reagent B, 100 mL HR sulfate reagent B, 10 mL sulfate reagent C, 20 mL complexing agent, 30 mL sulfate solution, 50 mL plastic vessels (2) and 1 mL syringes (2).

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Specification :

Method   Titration
Range   100-1000 mg/L
1000-10000 mg/L
Smallest Increment   10 mg/L
100 mg/L
Chemical Method   Barium chloride
Number of Tests   200
Weight   640 g



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