HI904 Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator - 1ppm to 5%
HI904 Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator - 1ppm to 5%
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Product information "HI904 Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator - 1ppm to 5%"


• More precise, better accuracy than other water content analysis methods
• Measures 1ppm to 5%
• Low sample volume and preparation is easy
• Can be used for liquids or solids*
• Specific to water – independent of presence of volatile substances
• Closed reagent handling system with integrated diaphragm air pump maintains a dry environment
• Easily transfer methods and results (of drift analysis or titrations) to PC via the USB port
• Choose from diaphragm or diaphragm-less generator cells, depending on the specific application
• Compact shape will fit on any laboratory bench (not composed of many modules that can take up space)

Introducing the newest addition to Hanna’s family of Titration Systems: the HI 904 Coulometric Karl Fischer Titrator. The HI 904 excels at determining water content in
extremely small concentrations (1 ppm to 5%) and requires no titrant, instead using a generator electrode.
A pulsed DC current is applied to the generator electrode and results in oxidation of free iodide to iodine (the titrant) at the platinum anode. Alcohol, sulfur dioxide and base
(pyridine or imidazole) present in the reagents react to form a salt that is oxidized by the generated iodine. This reaction consumes water present in the cell in a 1:1 ratio
(iodine:water). Once all of the water is consumed, the excess iodine is detected using a bilvoltammetric detector electrode and signals the end of the titration. The result is
calculated from the amount of current applied to complete the reaction and the length of time that the generator electrode is active (A•s, or Coulombs).

Product Manuals

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Range   1 ppm to 5%
Resolution   1 ppm (0.0001%)
Accuracy   1%
Result Units   %, ppm, ppt, mg/g, µg/g, mg, µg, mg/mL, µg/mL, mg/pc, µg/pc
Sample Type   Liquid or Solid* (external diss./extract.)
Titration Vessel   Operating volume between 100-200 mL
Reagent Handling System   Sealed system with intergrated diaphragm air pump and beaker adapter
Generator Cell Configuration Fritted or Fritless (w/ or w/o diaphragm)
Generator Cell Dosing 50-400 mA pulsed DC current
Determination Pre Titration Conditioning Automatic
Determination Background Drift Connection Automatic; User Selectable Value
Determination Endpoint Criteria Fixed mV persistence, relative drift stop, or absolute drift stop
Determination Dosing Dynamic
Determination Result Statistic Mean, Standard Deviation
Electrode Type/Connection Dual patinum pin, polarization electrode / BNC
Electrode Polarization Current 1, 2, 5,10,15, 20, 30 or 40 µA
Electrode Voltage Range 2 mV to 1000 mV
Electrode Voltage Resolution 0.1 mV
Electrode Accuracy (@25°C/77°C) ±0.1 mV
Graphic Display   5.7 (320 x 240 pixel) color LCD
Titration Methods Additional Specification Up to 100 (standard and user)
Data Storage   Up to 100 titration and drift rate reports can be stored

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